I started my career in computer repair and support and that experience very quickly helped me develop skills to calm irate customers and find solutions to their computer problems under pressure. I have always been a person who enjoys helping others, and a service-oriented field that lets me use my skills to help others is extremely satisfying to me.

As I soon discovered, website design offers the same satisfaction, although it uses a different set of skills. I work closely with my clients to see what their goals for the website are. Sometimes, these goals are clear-cut, and other times, the client is unsure, and I will offer up suggestions and help the client decide what the primary purpose of the website will be.

Once a set of goals is determined, I then work on developing a design that will help bring about those goals. In every stage of the process, though, the client is always able to steer my design towards what they envision the website to be. The end result is a well-designed website that both myself and the client can be proud of.

I set high standards for myself. I strive to always create a website that will exceed my client's expectations. I use my knowledge of both hardware and software to build websites that are not only pleasing to the eye, but also easy to navigate and quick-loading.